47: What’s Next Series | Tana Greene – Finding Your Voice

by | May 20, 2021


47: What’s Next Series | Tana Greene – Finding Your Voice

by | May 20, 2021

I meet a lot of people who inspire me by their accomplishments in business. Others who inspire me by how they’ve changed their life and the lives of others. Tana Greene is all of above and more.

Tana shared her personal story about her teenage pregnancy and leaving an abusive marriage at the young age 18. When she fled with her son, she left with nothing but dreams. One was to start her own business. Flash forward to today, and Tana’s multi-million dollar companies have consistently been recognized amongst the top 100 fastest growing women-owned businesses in the United States.

In 1988, Tana co-founded Greene Group, an hourly staffing company that grew to operate in more than 20 states. She guided the company’s transformation to MyWorkChoice, a human-centered technology approach to hiring and managing the hourly workforce that keeps America’s warehousing, logistics, call center, and light industrial operations running smoothly. 

We talked about Tana’s life story and her experience with domestic violence, and her power of setting goals towards a vision. She shared her philosophy and approach to business which is to create a culture of engagement that results in high performance. 

There’s a lot to be inspired about in this What’s Next episode of Succession Stories with Tana Greene. Maybe you’ll share it with someone you know to help them find their voice, and pay it forward. Thanks for listening. 

Listen in to learn more about:

Tuning out messages that limit your potential and ability

How laying down your vision can help you actualize it

Shaping core values that promote a healthy work culture and contribute to the success of your business

Defining yourself, discovering your voice and using this to inspire others


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